New Distro Items From Unrest/Tesco and More!

New items from Unrest/Tesco & more.

Two new tapes and one CD from Unrest/Tesco are now available through Disclosures.

Kevlar – Agitators Of The Mind CD

Agitators of the Mind is a collection of studio tracks selected for live actions in Germany, France and Poland.

7 demonstrations of uncompromising power in a time when weakness is the norm.
Discordant chants of electronic warpath, controlled voltage and valves.

To stop the spread of the infected ideas that kill our senses. Destroy the parasitic agitators, defend yourself from their parasitic thoughts. Honor the battlefield and cherish the fire.

S.T.A.B. ELECTRONICS – Sons of Perdition CS

The second part in the Perdition Trilogy! Perdition, a road that leads to damnation and Ultimate hopelessness! Nine tracks that deal with lust, betrayal, fear of religion, the human condition of revenge, being perceived as the bad seed leading to the ultimate Psychogenic Death of the self. What began with Apotheosis (Before Perdition) will end with WELCOME TO PERDITION (HELL IS HOME).



Permission To Die was written as a conceptual second half to Wasteland. The perfect dead landscape to fall. The many ways of going down, some of them via relief, others through agony. Choose your own personal ending and hope for a merciful permission.

Mlehst ‎– Dead Mans Penny 2xc40

Last time I posted, I announced three titles by Mlehst but absent-mindedly left one out! Similar in style to the other double tapes sets posted, this is all new Mlehst in 2021.

All Urashima LPs are on sale as well! Click below for the store or Discogs.

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